Montesinho Natural Park

The Montesinho Natural Park is one of the largest protected areas in Portugal, extending for more than 75 000 hectares and with an altitude of 1500 meters.

The vast forests create habitats for many species, including the wolf, boar and the golden eagle.

Throughout the park, you can visit many villages that offer a fascinating combination of human and natural landscapes. The park is ideal for hiking.

Presents a heterogeneous relief, with wavy plateaus cut by deep deep valleys and some mountains, of which the two most important are the Sierra de Montesinho, north of Bragança, and the mountains of the Coroa, north of Vinhais. Altitudes range from 1486 meters, Sierra de Montesinho and 438 meters in the riverbed Mente.

In it there is extensive biodiversity dwelling species such as the Iberian wolf, the doe or the deer. The vast forests create habitats for many species, including the boar and the golden eagle.

The PNM converges to the north with Spain, crossing the border communities of Galicia and Castile-Leon, and west and this also with Spain (Galicia and Castile-Leon, respectively). In the West it is for soon border with Chaves municipality, and the south remains inserted in the municipalities of Vinhais and Bragança.

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