Museu da Terra de Miranda, The Land of Miranda Museum in Miranda do Douro

The Museu da Terra de Miranda(Land of Miranda Museum) is located in the center of Miranda do Douro, housed in the former Domus Municipalis the city, the seventeenth century building. Founded in 1982, the museum evokes the long time the Mirandese plateau.


The visit allows to discover characteristic features of the social and cultural life of a region whose strong identity, manifested in the presence of the Mirandese language (second official language of Portugal since 1998) and anchored in agriculture, livestock and border trade, is going nowadays through deep and rapid changes.

Besides some archaeological pieces of interest, the collection is mainly ethnographic, facing the description of life of the population of a rural border region between the nineteenth century and the contemporary period.


Praça D. João III – 5210-190 Miranda do Douro

GPS:Lat: 41,4943605 Long: -6,274196299999971

Phone:+ 351 273 431 164

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