Legend of “Porca de Murça”, Bear of Murça

The legend of the “She-Pig of Murça”, like all others, is the result of popular imagination.

This knowledge is often perpetuated by the collective memory of generations.


The meaning of existence of this legend is connected with the explanation of the meaning in the Square January 31 or April 25(Praça 31 de Janeiro ou 25 de Abril), in Murça.

“According to legend, was in the eighth century this town and its term plagued by lots of bears and wild boars. The lords of the village, backed by the people, made so many mounts, in which died most of these beasts. Among this multitude of quadrupeds, there was a she-bear that had become the terror of the people, by their monstrous bulk, for its ferocity, and being so sneaky, that could never have been killed by hunters. In 775, the Lord of Murça , knight of great forces and no less courage, decided to kill the she-pig, and such tricks employed who managed, freeing the land so cumbersome guest. In memory of this feat, was built this monument nicknamed the “Porca de Murça”, and inhabitants of the earth have committed, for himself and his successors, to pay in recognition of such benefit, for himself and his heirs, until the close of the three wax measeures annually by each fire.

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