Picote Village, Mirandese Language, in Miranda do Douro

Picote is a typical transmontana village, situated in the Planalto Miranda, on top of the majestic cliffs of the Douro. Currently, also part of the Natural Park of the International Douro. The parish Picote is part of the county of Miranda do Douro, Bragança district, and is composed of two villages, Picote and Barrocal do Douro.

Picote is known for many reasons: one is the dam of Tear, built between 1954 and 1958, an impressive stranglehold of the Douro River, in its internacional.

This Hydraulic section of Picote opened in January 1958, has a height of 100 meters, this crown has a length of 92.30 meters, and its 3 generators have the capability of producing 180 MWh.

Another reason why Picote is known is that that of all the villages belonging to so-called Terra de Miranda, Miranda Land, is one that has more defended and encouraged the use of Language Mirandesa. This is evident by the fact that many of the streets of village have cards with their names written in Portuguese and Mirandese; or because the posters with the programs of the parties also are written in Portuguese and Mirandese.


Picuote is Picote in Mirandese.

Due to this important linguistic reason, Picote is one of the small villages that most often appears in television news and print media (including the daily press). So these reasons (and others, we invite you now to find out). Picote an excellent holiday destination where you can escape completely from the confusion of the day-to-day, and also know a way of life and a landscape that surely surprise you will pleasantly.

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